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Questions? If you have anything you're not sure about, we have posted a number of frequently asked questions here with answers based on our 30+ years of experience. If you have any further please don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll address your specific concern.

What are the advantages of monitored alarm systems?

Your ARC monitored alarm system transmits signals to our NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

In all cases, in compliance to current Police policy and your Insurance requirements. In compliance to the current “Standard” as implemented by the National Police Policy,  all signals received from a protected property are frozen for 120 seconds, this is to reduce false calls when clients do not switch off their alarm system either quickly enough or mis-operate the system. Where required the duty ARC opearator will contact the homeowner and or key holder and if required send a Police or Fire response.

In case of Police response, this will only be given when 2 or more devices, other than those on the entry exit route are actiavated within a 30 minute period, should only a single device be activated during the 30 minute default period, then the timer will be reset

How do wireless alarm systems work?

Wireless alarm systems are associated to a frequency designed to accept radio signals within the 868 MHz range.

Being a wireless or if you prefer a radio operated device the benefits are those of advanced technolgy, the market is moving closer and closer to exclude wired alarms.

Wireless alarm are much quicker to deploy, as clearly there are no wires to hide away, smaller systems can often be installed within half the time of a wired system and with little distrurptions. Whilst equipmet is sunstantually more expensive, one can save of labour rates as well as the constant concern over will I see any wires.

As more and more wireless system get installed and therefore the volumn will drive the cost down.

How do alarm systems prevent burglaries?

Alarm systems can’t guarantee to keep thieves away, but they do acts as a massive deterrent.

From the intruder`s point of view, one cannot easily identify one system from another in terms of whether it be a sounder only system, self monitoried or ARC monitoried and with or without Police response, would they want to take a chance of being caught? so in other words it may displace, or stands ready to protect.

All we do tend to say, if it has our name on the system it is a real system, most times in reality, we like all our competitors are mainly trying to displace the risk.

We try to provide best value for money, but ultimately whilst we can advise, it is the client who accepts or rejects the specification, that said, it may become a condition of Insurance, and really what price can one really put on the family, business and its possessions.

How do motion detector alarm systems work?

The technology goes back a number of years and every year that technolgy improves. Most motion detectors are known as a PIR [passive infra red] devices, as time continues to move forward these detectors become more and stable and enviromentally secure.

The better PIR detectors, use what is described as a Quad element detection, so imagine a small disc, say 10mm diameter, on that disc is a grid forming a unquie design whereby each image is scanned more than once and often the signal of a human or otherwise frequency response is compared to an electronic library deep inside the technology, so whilst problems do occur from time to time, they have really continued to evolve, as does the lens, the lens is designed to magnify the target, hence a spider creeping across the detector lens may seem to reflect the size of a jumbo jet, hence why during the hotter periods of the year when we have opened windows, more bugs can be attracted to the building.

In addition, the consumer will note that the detector can become more sensitivity once the weather becomes colder, this is because the ambient temperature of a room maybe colder than the human target.

Other things to note is the life cycle, most better detectors have a life around 10 years, the cheaper then less time, note that in certain enviroments, for example where cigarette smokers live the pickup will be reduced due to the tar settling on the detector lens.

Where pets are concerned, specially adapted Pet immune detection has been designed to accept that most animals are horizontal, rather than a human target being vertical and are electronically masked to accept up to say 15 kilo body weight, when fitted naturally the detection speed is deminised.

Pet Immune detectors are not premitted on systems requiring Police response.

Why should I use a burglar alarm system?

Even if your neighbourhood is quiet and you have known your neighbours for years, they are always home keeping an ear open and the like, the world is changing, the risks and opportunities are changing, many people show their net worth or wealth because of an expensive vehicle sitting outside or on the drive, with vehicle security improving, it is easier to steal the keys, many client have fallen foul of leaving keys near windows and doors, particurly near leterboxes where fishing has become popular. in most domestic enviroments, the regular target is that of cash and jewellery.
It is no longer enough to protect your home or business against break ins with good locks, alarms do displace crime.

Are wireless alarm systems better?

Hmm, better I`m not certain that is fair question, different horses for different courses, where Wireless alarm systems ARE better is with the convenience over a wired system:

  • The installation is quicker and easier
  • Replaceable batteries so longer life spans
  • Easily replaceable sensors
  • Less maintenance to take care of
  • Lower costs
  • Easy to remove if needed

What makes up the best wireless alarm system?

The best wireless alarm systems are from Companies willing to invest in design and technology, somebody, somewhere will ALWAYS do something cheaper for cheap sake.

Buying the correct system does take a little research, it`s always a combination of things, firstly before you look at product you need to select a Company to install, avoid the temptation of some of the DIY systems. Cheap is not cheap if it doesn`t work or gives you grief, ideally select a local Company over a National organisation as tempting as some offers appear, go to, as the lead National Inspecorate the NSI regulate their Approved Companys into 2 categories a Silver [basic approval] or Gold [whereby approved Companies under go very strigent twice annual inspection of workmanship, staff training, security screening, finacial stanbility, premises ISO 9001:2008 and more, these qualifications cost the installer more, but one can depend upon their ability to provide, liken to Insurance, your Policy is only as good as the Service provided, same with Security, it`s generally a grudge purchase, but even then buy best, lasts and performs best.

Having chossen a couple of local companies, see what the offer, most of us provide a no obligation cost and advice, if the face fits and you get on with the represntative, that helps, so now to the products

What do you want, yes apprcieate the best value, best kit system, but do you want Police response? do I want an ARC response, do i want to self manage via an APP? or do I want a basic system for a bit of peace of mind?

When you get your system desigh and costings, how do you select, some installers tend to select a solution, like Mr. Ford, any colour of your choice of black or black.

We as an example do not force a particular product on a client, we review what you want, different manuafcturrs have different features, some moulding are better than others, some technolgy is better, some may have more features, currently the vogue is those with an APP, and option to include either a stills or streaming video and so it goes on.

Here is a list of products which we offer, that we consider better than others:

How do monitored alarm systems work?

With a monitored Alarm System, you can be assured of your safety and protection 24/7.

Our technology assures a quick and detailed communication between your Alarm System and our Central Station – Alarm Receiving Centre, that gets an alert every time your alarm will go off.

Our 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre is NSI approved.

How much does a alarm system cost?

The alarm cost of an AES Alarm is determined according to your specific needs. Before you sign up for an alarm system, you are entitled to a free security consultation, in general we try to offer basic packages, which if you like are starter packs, a kit comprising the brains or control panel, an LCD keypad, an internal siren, an external siren, up to any three standard detection devices, either an APP or speech dialler, an NSI NACOSS GOLD Certificate of compliance and lastly labour with 12 month parts and labour warranty, these systems, mainly commence around £699 and then if you wish or need we offer additional detection devices from around £80 fitted and all including VAT which is 20%

What happens when my house alarm is going off?

When your house alarm is going off, the choice of response would have been selected before installation, but basic alarms operte the internal and external sirens, thereafter we can offer just about anything you require, from ARC signalls to an APP alert

What types of alarms exist?

There many types, certainly something to suit almost any budget or risk, and varying from audible only though to fully monitoried Police response tyes and that is why we offer a free survey or to send any inforamtion via an email.

Can I have an alarm without a landline?

Yes, with AES you can have a working alarm without a landline. The alarm itself can include a GPRS / GSM unit that ensures communications

Is a wireless alarm kit suitable for me?

The AES wireless alarm kit could be suitable for you: the most important point when selecting an alarm kit is to evaluate your actual needs. Get in touch if you have any questions on suitability

Is the home security system still protecting me when I’m home?

Yes, you will always stay protected with AES because the alarm has a mode called ‘partial or part guard mode’, which is very useful for home/business security when you’re asleep, or if you design the system around entry points

Who will be in charge of the alarm installation?

AES has a team of security specialists who will travel to your home or business location in order to deal with the process of the alarm installation.

What is the AES difference?

AES have been around from 1984 when we started the business from home, that was a long time ago, and much experience has been built-up. We operate from a retail shop in Cheam, clients are free to drop in for a chat or discuss any issue, an appointment is often best but not always nesscary, the team are there to help Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm other times by appointment. Most of the equipment we use tending to be fitted and operational to show clients before they buy to reassure after purchase when questions arise.
We are NSI NACOSS GOLD Approved all staff have been secirity screened, fully insured and carry ID cards.
WE select the product to suit the application, as far as we are concerned one solution does not fit all.
Lastly we are a family owned and operated business, now into our second generation

Who do I contact for some help with my security system?

If you need any help with your security needs, you can either call us on 020 8770 1244 during normal business hours, or the unquie telephne number issued to clients with maintenacne agrement as shown on your log book, or email as you prefer, then we can make a mutially convenient decision if you require a visit
click here to arrange a free survey or call us on 020 8770 1244 and request a visit from a AES specialist.

I actidentially set off my alarm how do I reset it??

In general terms, it just needs to to firstly turn it off by code, radio fob, proximity fob or APP

Then generally go through the same procureur again to reset, there are some different methods to go through for Police monitoried alarms but we will cover these separatly

I actidentially set off my Police calling alarm how do I reset it??

Slightly more involved than above, but normallyone would need to call the ARC which monitors the alarm system and request a reset via an analogoriythem

I am experiencing a power cut, do I need to do anything?

Providing you have a maintained system subject to annual or twice annual inspection, probably nothing. Equipment is equipped with a standby recharable battery [life cycle approx. 4 years] this will have been tested and replaced when required, older system which were subject to a British Standard BS4737 the battery was desgined when in peak condition to operate the system for up to 8 hours, later systems, the battery should last up to around 24 hours, so normally no action required, some of the later control equipment may require one to enter a user code or present a proximity fob to accept the “alert” condition as advised by way of a buzzer

I want to change my alarm code

Please view the user manual for you system provided to you on installation, if not to hand please check out the list of manuals available in .pdf form, it is not possible to give a direct answer as different manufaacturers use different proceedurs

I have lost my user code

Thats a real issue, you will need a technican to default the system and reprogram the system, please note WE DO NOT KNOW OR KEEP YOUR CODE, this will be a chargable call based upon time and attendance

I want to change my ARC keyholders, the password, the telephone number or keyholder sequence

Best is to email AES on or directly to ARC on

Please note admin is only attended Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

There is an intermitant buzzing coming from my alarm, it started recently and is becoming more regular?

We often find that when clients provide this information, and where the alarm panel display does not show a fault, it is often a battery failing within your battery operated smoke detectors.

My system states I have a line fault or I cannot connect to my APP

Line faults are conditions generated by your Telecoms provider, please report to provider, note: It is general that these providers will claim there is no fault on there system it must be the alarm, 99.9% of times we respond to a client request, we find, yes, actually they were wrong, so now you have to pay both us and them! please me persistant, also note that many telecoms providers have or are moving to NGN [next generation networks] meaning in our need for ever increasing broadband speeds, many networks are becoming digital and may compromise your service.

Note: If you have changed provider, almost certainly you will need an attendance to reprogram your system.


How do i change the: Code, time and date etc on my system?

As every system is unique, in the initial period, please refer to your user manuals, lost or mislaid? see the attached library.

Failing that please call our office for assistance, note: assistance is only given to clients with active maintenance agreement kept in place.

I have brought my own equipment, will you install?

Generally we will not install clients own equipment, it`s a real issue as the market is saturated with different equipment from all around the world, so for us it can be difficult, is it something we know, have manuals, spares? what about warranty, suppose there was an issue with a component during installation or later, did you expect us to repair your equipment? not really good business sense from our point of view, but equipment sourcing by the client may also be somebody we do not work with, so open accounts, send back your equipment etc.


Why are your fees higher than others?

This is a difficult answer:

1: we have office / shop premises where the client can visit

2: we have staff in our office to discuss any projects, accounts etc

3: we do not hid behind a mobile phone number

4: our staff are all security, Police and DBS screened by third party persons

5: we are NSI NACOSS GOLD Approved and operate a BS EN 9001:2015 Quality System.

During ny rolling 12 months NSI visit and audit us at least every six months to ensure compliance.

6: we employ an outside contractor to ensure we comply to the latest GDPR [confidential documents secure]

7: we employ an outside contractor to ensure that our quality system is kept up to pace with any industry standards or changes of procedure.

8: we hold several thousands of pounds worth of equipment for any current system, in that we can generally repair systems quickly

9: we have a member of technical staff on call throughout the 24 hour period to assist those wit up to date maintenance programs in place



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