Fire & Life Safety Protection

Critical Home Safety, you must install & maintain Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detection

You’re four times more likely to die in a fire if there’s no working detectors. Heat, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke detectors DO identify life threatening situations early so you can quickly evacuate persons, pets and prize processions before it is too late.

Many people take the responsibility of maintenance for granted, but in houses of Multiple Occupation or Business property, maintenance is often a condition of use of Building Control, an insurance issue and plain common sense.

One is often tempted to forget about safety until it is too late, since the inception of the Regulatory Reform Order of 2005 it is a Criminal Offence to not maintain fire and life safety equipment.

One should expect to carry out a system inspection on a regular basis, many people do not regularly test equipment only to find the standby battery may have failed, the detector has past it`s operational working life

Only 1.5 million homes in England have a smoke alarm, many of which have simple smoke detectors that offer limited protection. But with 1 in 3 smoke alarms failing to work in the event of a fire, and the lives of your loved ones at stake, this is one shortcut you can’t afford to take.

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