Fire & Life Safety Systems

Your fire and life safety system has been designed to protect both your people and your building.

Fire and Life Safety Systems

AES offer the addition benefit of Fire and Life Safety Systems to assist in the protection of your premises, staff and business.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that all non-domestic properties are required to carry out a fire risk assessment and implement a fire management plan which in most cases could mean the provision and maintenance of a fire & life safety system.

Our service includes the design, installation and servicing of Fire and Life Safety Systems which MUST comply to British Standard BS5839 part 1:2019 and or more recently European Standard EN45, particularly where wireless systems are installed and where VAD devices are installed [VAD: visual and audio warning devices]

Our FIA [Fire Industry Association] qualified fire system design team can advise you on the latest in new methods of provision and maintenance, we also provide professional advice and recommendations to enhance your existing system and ensure your business complies with all current regulations.

Many people do not realise that failure to ensure any existing system as installed MUST be maintained to “Standard” by a “Competent Person” the designated person known as the “Responsible Person” within an organisation is Criminally Responsible for life safety, failure to comply is subject to an unlimited fine as well as possible jail term, SO, Please, Please, ensure you are taking steps to Comply. We understand from statistics available within the Industry that there are probably in excess of 30,000 systems not maintained or compliant with London alone, quite an issue in the changing world in which we live.

Did you known, under the Disability Act, clients should consider the installation of a “Refuge Alarm” whereby anybody trapped in a fire effected area, is given both shelter and a method of speaking to the building fire marshals at the same location as the fire alarm display panel

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You have a legal obligation to ensure that your Life & Fire Detection System is fully operational, is in good working order and fully meets the regulatory standards. We offer Maintenance agreements for Fire Detection Systems, whether installed by ourselves 0r others.

Fire alarm systems are designed with one of two considerations at their core. Category L systems are designed for the protection of life; these are normally specified as the result of a fire risk assessment.

Insurance companies may also have requirements for fire alarm systems; these are classed as Category P and are concerned with the protection of the property itself. These systems are usually monitored to ensure that an out-of-hours alarm is efficiently responded.

Fire Alarm Systems can be wired, radio operated or a combination of both known as Hybrid, we really only like to install Addressable systems, whether wired or wireless. To determine the system required it is important that we survey your premises in order to recommend the most appropriate type of system for your premises. In order to request a FREE Fire safety audit, complete the contact us form or email us.

  • Wireless Addressable Systems
  • Addressable Systems
  • Hybrid Addressable Systems
  • Refuse Alarms
  • Hy-Fire Radio Alarm Systems
  • EDA Radio Fire Alarm Systems
  • EMS Radio Fire Alarm Systems
  • Conventional / Analogue Systems
  • Domestic Fire Alarm Systems

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